Add Link to Favorites Drop Down


I saw a post today about making a quick action button always there that required you to edit the core wordpress files. This made me cringe a little bit, I have only had to do this once for a wordpress install. And I always forget when I upgrade and the site gets borked. So I decided to steal a function from wp cache that does this exact same thing.

I have no uses for this as I can navigate to any area that I want to, pretty easily. Just putting it out there for other plugin/theme developers.

function my_favorite_action( $actions ) {

$actions[ wp_nonce_url( 'edit-comments.php', 'wp-cache' ) ] = array( __( ‘Manage Comments’ ), ‘manage_options’ );

return $actions;
add_filter( 'favorite_actions', 'my_favorite_action' );

The only section that you need to edit is the edit-comments.php, and just point that to where you want the link to go. And the Manage Comments will be the text that is displayed.

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