WordPress Instant Search


I have been getting a lot of requests lately to do an Instant Search type thing for a couple of my sites. I wasn’t really into it, and I am still not into it. I have had trouble lately with searching, on how to do it properly. But this sparked my interest in search and have now found a great solution. Apparently RLIKE is way better to use than LIKE in your mysql query. Also, you need to do an array to search for two words if two words are present and on and on. But anyways, this tutorial, How-To Create Your Own Instant Search sparked my interest for some reason into looking into it again. It is basically an Instant google/facebook type search. I had a lot of trouble with the code but, took me an hour or so to figure it out. You can see an example at Obey Giant Search. It is awful and doesn’t work very well, but it is just for fun.


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